Thursday, March 15, 2012

Few pictures

Everyone is adjusting to having a new baby in the house. Ender is really good with all of the kids, has been from the time Luke was a baby. Flynn is very interested in Paige, the sounds she makes, the smells, the spit up... But he's doing really well. Luke loves to kiss and hug and to see Paige, doesn't want to hold her yet- but that's ok. Luke has been a really big helper when I've asked him to- most of the time! Cassie really likes to hold her, touch her, kiss and hug her! Cassie also likes to get in the swing and swipe Paige's binki. Not so thrilled about those... Everyone is having a fun time with Grandma and Granddad, it's been great to have them here, and it's been a huge help to me. I'm now trying to ease back into doing some of the laundry and cooking, better start now so things don't completely fall apart when they leave.... Sink or swim I guess...

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