Friday, June 27, 2008

Luke swimming!

We knew that Luke loves the bathtub, so we were glad when he loved the pool! It was really fun to take him swimming! The one thing that he didn't like, was the pre-pool...the getting ready for the pool. He did not like being slathered with sunscrean and at first he didn't like wearing his new hat. But he got use to all of that! This is at the reunion, they had two kiddie pools there and one larger pool. I'm glad that there were two kiddie pools there because there were a lot of kids. Michael went in the pool with him first and since my hands were dry, I took the pictures! Then Michael handed Luke over to me so I could be in some pictures with him, I figured that it was good for me to be in some pictures with Luke since I am always the one behind the camera! We borrowed a baby floatie from one of Michael's couisns, and the first thing that Luke did when we put him in it was sit back and relax! It was very cute! He loved that floatie! I think we will find one and get it for Luke and try and take him swimming a few times this summer. Our neighborhood doesn't have a community pool, but our friends have a pool in their neighborhood and said just let them know if we ever want to go swimming. I would love to take Luke swimming and get him use to the water so he doesn't grow up with a fear of the water or swimming!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Travel nightmare!

Warning long post.....

The past couple of weeks have flown by! We went to one of Michael's baseball games. The game was forfeited because not enough people on the team showed up, which was a shame because the team they were playing previously lost to another team...lost big, like 0-26! So had they had enough team mates show up, I think they would have one!

Ender got to spend the last weekend in the kennel while we went to Eden Utah for the Erekson family reunion! We left for our trip at an early 4am on Thursday and just barely got to the airport in time to get something to eat, and board. Luke did really well, he was asleep by the time we took off! We didn't fly nonstop, due to the price, so we stopped in Denver had a little bit of a wait, got on the next plane, and once again Luke was asleep by take off! I think we got very lucky! So other than the airlines charging us for things that should have been no charge (car seat, stroller...) when we checked in (they did refund us thankfully), everything else on the flight going to Eden was good.

Totally different story on the way home! We thought that our flight left at 10 in the morning, but it didn't. I think we were going to get on that flight, but when we went back to book it, it cost to much, so we got the next earliest flight home. We wanted to get home early enough so Michael could rest up before the work week, especially since he has to get up early. So, our flight was actually supposed to leave at 1:15. That's right I said supposed was delayed! Witch was a good thing because it took a while to get past security. I had no problem at the DFW airport, so I wore the exact same thing. This time going past, I beeped. Well, it was my belt, so I had to take that off and go again...holding Luke, pants sagging, went again and was OK. But my bag needed to be checked, well, the diaper bag...nothing had to be tossed but they said next time, things need to go in a different bin to go in the x-ray. I thought it would have been okay, because I did nothing different from DFW to SLC airport! So it was a good thing that our flight was delayed, we had time to eat, find our gate, change diapers, etc. We got in the air at 2:15 or so if I remember right, and good thing for us, Luke was asleep by the time we got in the air! Now the travel nightmare begins. We didn't get on a direct flight (again, due to cost) but we had the same flight number and it was supposed to be on the same plane and just letting people of that needed connections, and pick up the people that needed to get to DFW. BUT...when we got to Denver (this by far was the worst flight for me and my motion sick self) we had to get off because of a crew change, and thought we were going to get right back on, but they told us we were on another plane, at another gate. Search for new info on departure monitors....lady at a random gate told us new one at new gate....still no info on screens... Michael went to go find out what was going on, and when he came back, he had news that made me cry. Since we were on a plane that was delayed, in Denver they decided to have the plane to DFW leave WITHOUT US! Soooo, the next flight was at 7:20! They put us on that flight, in the emergency exit row, but since we had a baby we had to get our seats changed. Luke was not having a great time, tired beyond belief, and crying very loudly. While Michael was changing our seats, I sat away from everyone else, not that that helped with softening the crying, but at least I couldn't see the looks people were giving me. We tried to explain to people who asked that we were supposed to be on the flight that left early. I did have some nice gentleman ask if I needed any help or anything, because he thought I was traveling alone, so that was nice! We got our new seat assignments, economy plus! Not that that makes this any better, but at least Michael could get some rest without having the seat in front of him in his lap! Luke was still screaming, and I thought, oh great, this is going to be the flight that he screams all the way home. The lady next to me said she didn't mind...she was a labor and delivery nurse...but I'm pretty sure the people in first class did! (Michael was the row behind first class, and Luke and I were 2 rows behind first class). Well, Luke was able to fall asleep by the time we were in the air! We finally got home a little after much for getting home, and getting a lot of rest! We will never (if we can help it) fly United, and we will fly non-stop whenever we can!

We did have a good time at the reunion, I'll have to post all about that and pictures and video clips soon...when I have caught up on my sleep!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Michael, Happy Father's Day! You are a wonderful father, and we thank you for everything that you do for our family!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I forgot to add...

...our electric company has sent us an email telling us that they have filed for chapter 11 this means that we had to look for another company, we will be paying more than we were, and we won't (probably won't) get our deposit back (even though they can't honor the contract we had with them). Now we have to put our trust in a company called Amigo Energy and hope that they stay around for a while.

Time for an update....

Luke is crawling up a storm, there is no stopping him now, and I have to remember to always keep my eyes on him! When he sees something he wants, he goes for it! And he has gotten good at pulling himself up on his knees and trying to reach for even more things! I lowered the mattress in the crib yesterday so now it is all the way at the bottom level. The mattress went from the second notch, skipped the third notch, and now it is at the fourth notch... he is just growing so fast and changing that I thought I would save myself 45 minutes (yes, that is really how long it took me to lower the dang thing!) and just put it on the lowest setting now! Luke's latest new thing if tossing his pacifier out of the crib. It doesn't matter if we have one or two in there, he tosses them both, and then he is upset! I guess he will learn that it he really wants them, he won't toss them. Luke will be 8 months old on the 24th! How time flies! He quit wanting to nurse a few weeks ago and has basically weened himself. He went form nursing 5 times to 4...3...really fast and for the last week he was only nursing at breakfast, and now it looks like he won't be nursing at all. So now it looks like we will have to start supplementing with formula. Not something we really wanted to do, but hopefully we will only have to supplement. Oh well, you do what you have to do, learn from it, move on and do better the next time. (no that is not an announcement!)

Michael had his second softball game last Monday. They did better in this game, scoring 5 runs, but because of the mercy rule, the game was still called early since the other team had much more runs scored. If you want more detail on the mercy rule or anything else, maybe Michael will amaze us with a post!

Last Saturday we met up with a coworker (and his wife) that Michael worked with in CA. Michael's sister was kind enough to babysit for us (thank you Angela!) in the evening. We had them meet us before we went out so they could meet Luke, and we visited for a while. Then we went to The Keg restaurant for some yummy steaks! I can't remember the last time I had such yummy restaurant steaks, probably before Luke was born! We had been to The Keg once before in WA, and liked it there, so we tried the one here. We had forgotten that it was on the pricey side...but it was worth it. Come to think of it, I think this may have been the first time that Michael had been out together in the evening alone since before Luke was born! Since it was a little bit more than we usually would spend when we do (use to) go out we decided to celebrate our anniversary a month or so early! It worked out fine doing that because now it looks like Michael will be out of town for training for two week in July, so he will miss our anniversary anyhow. But on the plus side, he will now get his travel expenses paid, and he will get perdiem! Oh, it looks like he will be in Atlanta, he's less excited about that!

Well, or fridge is now finally fixed. Since we have a Samsung, we had to find an authorized people to come and fix it, but it is now fixed, and out of all the things that have gone wrong and needed fixing around here, it was the that was good!

It's getting hot here now. Last summer wasn't as hot, so I think it lured us into a false sense of security and left us thinking maybe summers in Texas won't be that bad. HA. I was even preggo at the time...I want last summer back...without being preggo of course, we enjoy having Luke here with us! We try and walk in the morning, if we wait to late (like 10am) it is to hot for us to go, so we just stay inside the rest of the day! I am thankful that most days there is a breeze out, making it feel a little cooler than it actually is!

I think that this is a lengthy enough post, I have some pictures and video clips that I wil try and post in a few days!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The proof is in the pudding...

...or something like that! Well, anyway, here is a video clip of Luke crawling. This was taken yesterday, and I can't count how many times today that we have already had to pull him away from the TV stand, and he has only been up less then two hours! I was getting ready for a walk this morning, left Luke playing with his toys, and when I came back he was gone. I thought that he had crawled in to be with Michael, but he had just crawled on the other side of the couch and I just couldn't see him! I think I will start vacuuming every night, or roll Luke up in tape or flannel so he can help with all of Ender's fur!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So, Luke is pretty amazing...

...Getting so big and all! Let's see, he has two bottom front teeth, but I posted a picture of that earlier...I think he is getting more teeth because he is very cranky and he doesn't nap well. I'm just glad that he is still sleeping well at night! (knocking on wood as I type!) He has been scooting backwards and turning himself in circles for a while, and has now started to go forwards, not just rocking anymore! On Saturday was the day that he actually crawled, and I'm glad that Michael got to see it! This past weekend he also started to pull himself up on his knees! So that means that in the morning when we go in and get him, he is kneeling in the crib waiting with his smiley face ready for us to feed and play with him! We got Luke a bathtub seat. I couldn't find the one that I was looking for, but I found one that will work just as good. I will be posting pictures later this week, but he loves to sit and play, splash the water, and kick back and relax and gum the washcloth! It's hard to believe that Luke is 7 months old's going much tooooo fast!

I forget that I can post more than just pictures and videos letting people know what is going on in our lives. But then on the other hand they say that a picture is worth a thousand that how it goes??

Michael has been commuting to Farmers Branch now for about three weeks. He works 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, so he usually leaves the house about 6:15, and he usually gets home about 5:15. That is if the traffic is good both ways! He got spoiled in Fort Worth traveling just 15 minutes each way! After a small personnel problem, he has finally received the promotion that prompted him to switch to the Farmers Branch office. He will have some training to do in July, I think that he is a little disappointed that it is in Dallas, because that means that he doesn't get perdiem, travel expenses, or mileage paid. Bummer! Michael has started playing softball with some guys from the ward. They had a practice last week, and their first game was last night. The game started at 9:30 but when he was home a little after 10 I was surprised. I guess that they didn't do that good (17 to 0) and called the game.

I keep busy. Although by looking at the state of my house sometimes, you would have guessed otherwise! Haha! Sometimes I try to nap when Luke takes his morning nap, but that doesn't always work. I am going to a scrapbook evening this Saturday. I printed pictures so I actually have pictures to scrapbook. I am going to make cards for a card exchange later this month, so those two things should keep me busy. I just have to plan on making my cards when Luke is asleep, so I can be uninterrupted! I try and take the kids for a walk in the morning...if I wait too late, it is much too hot to go, and then I have to worry about slathering Luke in sunscreen!

Hope you enjoyed the update, look for pictures and video soon!