Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Splish splash they were taking a bath...

Looks like both kids love the tub! The only problem I have when I do
baths with both kids at the same time is that since I take Cassie out
first, then I come back for Luke, I find he has gotten himself stuck
in Cassie's bath seat!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moving right along!

Cassie doesn't stay in one place anymore! Well she hasn't for over a
month now, but instead of rolling to get what she wanted or rolling to
get where she wanted, now she's pretty much doing the scoot/army crawl

In other news, the past month or two has been very busy for us. Trip
to WA. to see family and bless Cassie over thanksgiving, and when we
got back packing and preparing to move! WHAT?? Yes you heard/read
right, our 8th move. But I'll post about that later, too many details
for this post!

Enjoy the video!