Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Luke was a train conductor and Cassie was a fairy. I didn't get pictures of Cassie on the actual day- but I had a blue shirt that matched pretty well and black tights that she wore. Luke got the hat, bandana and a train whistle for his birthday the week before so that's what he wore. We just happened to have a shirt that matched the hat! We went to the ward trunk or treat on Friday, but he really didn't understand sone of the games- he just wanted the cookies he saw at the cookie walk- it took us a while before we won! He did get the hang of saying trick or treat and thank you by the end if the night. On the actual day we went over to Michael's parents house and went trick or treating in their neighborhood, the weather was great and no coat was needed! Cassie stayed with me, she'll probably go next year- but Luke has fun! And it was fun for us to watch him get all excited!