Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recent pictures!

Luke is learning how to make his own bed! He does better than me most days! Cassie loves to sit in boxes/tubs/bins, whatever she can find! I think these two cupcake faces are the sweetest (literally!) faces ever!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Luke :(

We noticed Saturday night Luke had a slight temp, so we gave him medicine and put him to bed a little early. Sunday he woke up normal, temp was fine, appetite fine etc., so we continued our day as normal. Sunday after church we napped both kids- 2:30 is really late for naps around here (normal naps are at 10:30am) but since we were having dinner at Michael's parents I needed them to nap since bedtime was going to be late. I wasn't surprised when Cassie fell asleep, but I was when Luke fell asleep. I noticed that after dinner Luke just wanted to sit and snuggle with me, or curl up on the couch. When we got home Luke's temp was 101.something, so I gave him medicine before bed. He instantly fell asleep. Monday he woke up with a normal temp, so we continued our day- speech, naps, lunch... But after nap Luke had a 102.something temp. We spent the afternoon watching shows and resting. By about 5pm his temp jumped to 105.something- so I took him to Care Now while Michael stayed with Cassie. Poor little guy was so lifeless and lethargic he couldn't even stay awake. The dr ran tests and did a chest X-ray. We left with a diagnosis of pneumonia and a prescription to fill the next day, and they wanted to see him the next day. By the time we went to the followup his temp tad down to 102.something and he was more lifelike! Luke has had a temp all week, but we were able to keep it under 102-101. Hopefully today we can have a normal temp all day! We will follow up with the pediatrician in a few weeks for another X-ray to make sure his lungs are good! He's still not eating much- but he's been drinking great!