Monday, March 29, 2010

I guess we are eating from pots this morning.

This morning Luke ran right for where the pots are kept, (really I
don't know how he knew it was left unlocked) and insisted on eating
breakfast from that pot. So I let him! He got fruit loops from the
pantry himself and helped me pour them. And after I got him his milk,
he poured that into the cereal. I ended up giving him a straw to drink
his milk from the pot because he ended up wanting more milk but I
wanted him to drink what he had. Actually now that I let this happen,
I hope he doesn't want to do it all the time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Luke & the Komodo Dragon

Here's Luke telling the Komodo Dragon to be quiet. We're at the Museum
of Living Art at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cassie walking!

With a little help of course! She had started walking along furniture
a little bit ago and walking with the highchair when it would start to
roll away. The problem..... Luke trying to ride off into the sunset
while Cassie is still holding on! Cassie still has not stood on her
own without holding on to something, but she's close, so close!

And if you are wondering, it ended ok, Cassie let go just as I went to pry her off! No accidents!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Luke

Luke came into our room the other morning and found the diaper stack.
First he piled them on the bed and "counted" all of them. Then he
started to roll in them while doing this wired laugh! And he kept
rolling in them for a while! It was sooo funny! Lucky I Han my phone
right there to catch this in action!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Luke doesn't say Woof Woof anymore:(

It's actually kind of sad. He use to call Ender woof woof- that was
Enders name when Luke used it, and we thought it was adorable! I'm
glad we have some video clips! Now Luke says his version of Ender,
which is also cute!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our evening out

We decided to be brave and take the kids out to eat tonight. We have
never done that! We started small and just went to Cici's. The kids
did really well. We went about 4 pm trying to beat the dinner crowd
and ate in the corner by the window. Luke liked the elephant statue
out side so we let him play on it before we left. Here he is doing his
"elephant sound like this" noise compleat with actions! We are going
to try and take the kids out in public more often, so they can learn
how we want them to act while we are out! Cassie did pretty well to,
we just kept her in her carseat and she ate her puffs and played with
a few toys! Good idea Michael! It was a fun family outing, and since
the kids were good, it makes us more excited to do it again!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh what a mess we made this day!

Enough time has passed that I can blog about this now! Luke made this
mess all by himself! I was upstairs putting Cassie down for a nap, I
wad gone 10 minutes maybe- 15 at the most, and this is what I saw! A
2 lb canister of oatmeal all over the floor, and in the shelves, and
in his hair, clothes, and diaper! The oatmeal wad even in Ender, but
I didn't discover that til about 30 minutes after this all happened
and Ender did a full body shake and oatmeal went flying everywhere!
There is also a whole bag of mini rice cakes that he opened (had to go
for the unopened bag of course!) and dumped out all over the place!
The time out chair got lots of use. And the day before this happened,
both kids were playing in the sand and pebbles that were in the fire
place and their clothes and little hands were all grubby!

Luke is also now standing, climbing, and scooting things (boxes,
chairs, bins, etc...) to reach things he shouldn't! I knew this day
was coming, really I was surprised it took as long as it did!