Friday, January 20, 2012

Random pictures's a start! The kids really like to play pretend, it warms my heart when I peek around the corner and see them playing together. Luke and Michael really enjoy playing Play-Doh together, they usually do it together and I keep Cassie entertained doing something else. Luke and Cassie love to snuggle with daddy any chance they get! Ender and Flynn on the side of the bed! I had to kick them off! And lastly, Luke wasn't feeling well one morning, and this was the look he shot me when he didn't want his picture taken- but I took it anyway! Love this family that I've been blessed with!

Oh, and click on the link I've added on the right- our good friends are trying to adopt again! The link goes to their adoption profile they have open! Spread the word- you never know of someone, who knows someone, who might know someone- looking for an adoptive couple!

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